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United We Stand

The finale of the Unity Crossover...In this story, multiple stories will be merged together to create one final battle between Starfleet and the invading Vendoth Forces. Titled "United We Stand" several months ago, it seems to be a fitting title for the year's events. Not only have authors from diverse backgrounds come together for this project, but the United States and practically the entire planet have become united in the wake of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington DC. To those gallant men and women who have faced risk to their own lives in saving others, to those who were victimized by the pathetic narrow-mindedness of the terrorists and to the families of the victims - we dedicate these stories. And to those who would attempt to destroy our way of life because of their own prejudices, we say "Your efforts are in vain. Freedom and the American Way will out last your hatred...for you cannot kill an ideal, more people love than you hate, more people will come to our aid than to yours, it is because of our UNITY that we will prevail - and may whatever god you believe in...have mercy on your soul."

On the original site these were links to the stories on the web sites of the various fan fiction series.  I never created a backup of these, but luckily I've been able to retrieve all but one.  Click those images to go to these stories, Swiftfire links to an external site while Excalibur links to a pdf (sent to my by the author) and Providence and Adventure to archived pages of these stories.  This just leaves the Star Trek: The Legend Continues as the only individual section I haven't been able to retrieve.

United We Stand - Together

Was originally released in two formats, a word format and an E-book format.  A third PDF format was planned but never released.  The Word and ebook formats are available to download below

Download United We Stand E-Book Version

UNITED WE STAND wpd version


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