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USS ADVENTURE - Title: Honor Above All.
Along the Klingon Border, a vortex opens sending forth a lone Vendoth Battlecruiser. Immediately, it detects and destroys a cloaked Klingon patrol ship. In a desperate battle for honor on both sides, the Klingon Empire is thrust into a battle with an enemy far more cunning and dangerous than they have ever fought before. Enter the Adventure, and with it a race to stop the Vendoth from destroying the strongest ally the Federation holds.

USS RUTLEDGE - When the Vendoth fleet was exiting the Vortex for Earth, they discovered that a well-armed Tzenkethi ambassadorial fleet was en route to Earth
as well and that its presence could prove very crucial in the upcoming battle.
The Vendoth decided to analyze these beings and dispatched a vessel back into the Vortex, along a small offshoot. This offshoot lead to the Tzenkethi/Cardassian/Federation conflict zone in the year 2345 and was only large enough for a single Scout.
This scout began menacing Tzenkethi starships in an effort to deplete the ambassadorial fleet of the future and gather data on the Tzenkethi to take home. The Rutledge, very near Tzenkethi space at the time, was forced into
battle against the Vendoth ship. It was discovered that the Vendoth had learned of a quantum fissure near Tzenketh (undetectable by mid-24th century Federation or Tzenkethi tech) that could be expanded to swallow the planet,
thus eliminating the fleet's problem. The Rutledge must then somehow stop the expansion of the fissure.

USS SWIFTFIRE - The Swiftfire is hunting for secret Marquis bases to possibly use as hidden bases to strike from, when a strange vortex opens nearby. Three strange ships emerge; one the size of an Intrepid class starship, the other two at the size of a Romulan Warbird. The Swiftfire is heavily damaged when the ships attack without warning. The Swiftfire limps deeper into the Badlands to lose the ships and succeeds. But the Swiftfire can't hide forever.

USS EXCALIBUR - Title: Deux Ex Machina
USS Excalibur encounters USS Powell adrift and derelict in
space. The recon party discovers Federation, Klingon and Romulan bodies on board. Contacting Starfleet Command with the information, Excalibur is directed to pick up an 'advisor' at a previously unknown asteroid. The
'advisor' is an operative of Discreet High Technology Systems (DHTS) who it will turn out are the independent contracted administrators of Hawking Station orbiting the planet of The Guardian of Forever.
The USS Powell was the Starfleet destroyer assigned to defend Hawking Station and its loss in space light years out of its patrol sector is a mystery. More mysterious, the databanks are nearly wiped clean. The only
thing left is an image of an unknown alien vessel in the final moments of its attack on the Powell.
The DHTS advisor leads Excalibur to the planet of the Guardian of Forever (kept under wraps since its discovery by USS Enterprise NCC 1701).
There, they find Hawking Station personnel all dead and three unknown alien vessels in orbit. The alien vessels attack and capture Excalibur. They introduce
themselves as Vendoth, the new masters of this galaxy. They are separated from the main invasion force and will use the Guardian of Forever to alter or wipe out the histories of the worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy.

USS ENDEAVOR - The Calm Before The Storm
While investigating an archaeological settlement on the planet Belarus III, Captain Sickle and the crew of the USS Endeavor begin to decipher the history of an alien race who once inhabited the region. This mysterious race had apparently come from another galaxy and had been in this area for hundreds of years, and for an unknown reason, suddenly died out. Further investigation leads the captain to believe that there may still be a settlement alive, but dying, somewhere outside Federation territory. The USS Endeavor races to help them, only to discover that the true condition of the aliens is not what they expected. An explosive encounter leads to the realization that the Alpha Quadrant is once again in danger of entering a deadly war with an aggressor like they have never seen before!

USS COURAGEOUS - The Galaxy's Pyre
Idea synopsis: The Courageous, while en route to the Borderlands (the region of space that encompasses the Delta Quadrant and Beta Quadrant), picks up a distress signal from a Federation ship where there shouldn't be any. It turns out to be the USS Galaxy, the prototype ship on which the Courageous's new technology was built on. It had disappeared 7 years earlier in a disastrous transwarp experiment.
The Galaxy is stuck within a nebula with strange electromagnetic and gravimetric properties. The Courageous enters the nebula to salvage the ship and locate survivors, only to find there are no survivors. But there are intruders present, a heretofore unknown alien race. Apparently they're bent on salvaging the transwarp drive for their own purposes.
The nebula in which the Galaxy is trapped in almost evens the playing field. Most technology is ineffectual, tricorders, transporter sensors, etc. Still, the Vendoth, as they turn out to be, are brutally effective in holding off the Marines sent to capture/stop them. Options dwindle as Captain Johnson struggles to recapture the lost ship and prevent the Vendoth from escaping with their newfound knowledge.

USS PROVIDENCE - The Better Part Of Valor (Tentative Title)
A single Vendoth scout ship is chasing a small shuttle. The shuttle is piloted by an inhabitant of a planet in the Beta Quadrant, called Selerus. While continuing a survey of the Beta Quadrant, the PROVIDENCE receives a distress call from the Seleri shuttle pilot and Captain Stuart and his crew come to his aid and find themselves engaged in a battle for their very lives.

USS CANTABRIAN - USS Cantabrian - Title (Working): Howl

The Vendoth strike the sparse Starfleet forces hammering out a peace treaty between the Steranmio Alliance and the Pilmarian Union of Planets, and the experimental hybrid support starship Determination crashes defending the
separatist Bolian colony. After the crash, Lieutenant Milami Thall the freshly promoted Chief Engineer of the Cantabrian struggles not only to repair the Determination to minimal escape velocity levels but also to sew
up relations with her family and potentially face the father who never wanted her to follow in her mothers footsteps



- Vendoth Fleet arrives in Milky Way Galaxy, near Memory Alpha - downloads data on Federation and Allied worlds.

USS Excalibur, during annual retirement shakedown, receives distress call from Memory Alpha and recognizes threat, notifies Starfleet and heads towards Earth (a four day trip at maximum warp) with Vendoth hot on their tail.

- Fleet wide distress call is sent from Starfleet Command on Earth. All ships are recalled from assignments

- USS Excalibur 'destroys' herself and camouflages the ship to appear to be a Vendoth scout and slips into the Vendoth Armada.

- Vendoth Fleet begins massing on the outer edge of Sol System. The Roj Ch'Dak finds that his fleet has been depleted during the journey due to ships exiting at various times and places. The fleet is ordered to hold position for several hours while awaiting the arrival of the rest of the fleet - a Sovereign Class Starship USS Incipiens NCC 90866 which had been returning to Earth encounters the fleet and is immediately destroyed without hesitation or mercy -doesn't stand a chance. Vendoth use prefix code they found in top secured files.

- USS Excalibur, a sheep in wolf's clothing, remains camouflaged within the Vendoth fleet, transmitting intelligence to Starfleet Headquarters on a secured and scrambled channel.

- Scout ships are sent through system to probe defenses/download information from Federation Databases in system Memory Alpha is downloaded into Vendoth database. Mars Defense Perimeter is obliterated Timeframe - 44 hours at full impulse to traverse across entire solar system (STEncyc)

- 16 ships near system form defensive line in Jupiter's solar orbit path, ships in Utopia Planetia shipyards are ordered to prepare for immediate departure
Ships include (note some are actual ships seen in series and some are generated for flavor) :

-Excalibur (Excelsior class)
-Odyssey (A)Nebula class destroyed as leaving drydock
-Apex Steamrunner classFirst to be destroyed in Vendoth assault

- Vendoth Roj Ch'Dak broadcasts intentions over extremely high powered subspace arrays - overlaps all frequencies and blocks all other active transmissions.
"I am the Roj Ch'Dak of the Vendoth Empire. We are here to right the errors of your ways. No longer will you interfere in other's cultures as you did in ours. you will now humble yourselves before the might of Vendoth and lean subservience...or die."
- Order is given to begin incursion count of Vendoth ships -64 : 1 Command, 2 Dreadnoughts, 25 Battlecruisers, 36 Scouts

- 12 hours into the system, Vendoth encounters defensive line, now up to 18 ships. Battle begins.

- Vendoth Fleet breaks formation and engages various targets
- Jupiter Station
- Mars Colonies (occupation)/Utopia Planetia Shipyards
- Luna and all cities ie Tycho City, New Berlin (occupation)
- SpaceDock orbiting station around Earth (intent to occupy, not destroy)
- Earth (occupation)

- Swiftfire launches fighters, 3 ships lost ...Protects Jupiter Station until station is destroyed

- USS Adventure arrives, approaches from stellar north of galactic plane, engages at Mars - begins defending Utopia Planetia yards and colonies

- Klingon fleet arrives, decloaks and engages Vendoth - 22 ships (6 B'rel class Birds of Prey, 7 K'Vort class Battlecruisers, 8 Vor'cha class attack cruisers, 1 Negh'var flagship (Martok), note 1 Vor'cha class cruiser, Jadzia's Bat'leth, commanded by ex-Starfleet officer Worf.

- Command ship holds position outside Earth orbit, begins to release assault transports

- USS Adventure moves towards Earth, flys by SpaceDock and transports special forces units to aide in defense of station. Dispatches Valkyrie fighter wings to intercept and destroy assault transports heading for Earth

- USS Swiftfire's Marines aide Adventure's Special Forces on Spacedock. Captain Masters contacts the Mer'Jat Vendoth on the command ship. Transports Marines to commandship and links up with the True.

- USS Defiant arrives under command of Commander Elias Vaughn (see DS9 books AVATAR)

- Tide begins to turn as a Vendoth Dreadnaught is destroyed over Luna by combined fire of Defiant, Adventure, Excalibur and one other story vessel.

- Near end of battle, Vendoth forces are becoming sparse and out matched. Roj Ch'Dak orders Vendoth ships to converge on its position in order to add their power to a doomsday weapon that will destroy Earth.

-The True warn Masters of the Command ship's doomsday weapon, 2-3 ships loyal to the True begin firing on command vessel, but conspirators from within and without are destroyed

- Excalibur makes suicide run and activates Vendoth vortex using captured command codes from previous encounter - enters Kalium Galaxy and detonates an Omega particle. To ships in Starfleet, looks like Excalibur has been destroyed and fate unknown other than destruction.

- All ships are becoming incapacitated or out of torpedoes at this time, phasers do little damage.

- USS Adventure sets up for ramming speed to follow Excalibur's example

- As doomsday weapon is about to go off, the command ship goes up in a spectacular ball of flame and debris, taking the surrounding Vendoth ships with it. A Sovereign class starship, approaching from the far side of Earth, flies through diminishing blast - light reflected against upper hull reveals markings "USS ENTERPRISE"

- Eulogy for fallen/Epilogue

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