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The Method

All initial stories will be posted at the same time, including ST DRAGON's lead in story.
The timeline is as follows (with a flowchart at the end)
1) ST DRAGON story leads off the series and sets the background.
2) At the end of the DRAGON's story, the Vendoth enter a vortex which leads to our galaxy. Since this vortex contains temporal and spatial properties for near instantaneous travel from one galaxy to the next, some of the Vendoth accidentally exit at various locations and times. It can be construed that some ships left the vortex earlier or later than the main fleet. Also, some have deviated from their course.
3) Individual sites will then write their own unique encounter with one to three Vendoth ships that have deviated. This will be the extent of the participation for those sites set in a past or future time frame, along with those who are in distant parts of our galaxy at the time.
4) At the end of the individual stories set in the current time frame, your ships will be receiving a distress call from Earth as the main invasion force approaches.
5) A time line will be set for the final battle. Each participating site will write their own POV story, using this timeline as a guide. Set points must be included in the story - which will give our readers an idea of what is happening where in relation to all the other sites. This is going to be a 'real time' crossover - so along with the set points, feel free to coordinate with other sites to add comm traffic between ships or even send a crew member over to another site to add dimension to the story line - i.e. a chief engineer goes from site 'a' to site 'b'to help repair or install a system, thus leaving 'a's' story and joining 'b's'. Coordination is the key to this venture. Keep in mind that what one site does, must be mirrored in the other.
Sites should lead of their POV's with preparation for battle, crew insights, etc. Build up the suspense and tension before jumping into the battle. Also, a site doesn't have to begin the battle at the beginning. Due to time constraints, you may opt to enter the fray somewhere in the middle (ships can receive a message that 'the Excelsior has entered the fight' so to speak) This will also give dimension to the story line.
Subplots within the battle time should be monitored so as to fit the timeframe. i.e. fighters dispatched into the atmosphere to destroy an assault transport.
Granted, some authors will have more material than others; however, when the battle is in final print, everything should be able to be put into one large story that fits together like a puzzle.

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