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The Beginning

This is the email that Joseph Gatch sent out that get the ball rolling.

To: Fellow Star Trek Fan Fiction Writers
From: Joseph Gatch, Author - Star Trek: Adventure
Re: A proposal for a multi-site crossover story celebrating Star Trek's 35th Anniversary

A few nights ago, I had a vision inspired by an e-mail correspondence I shared with Mark Sickle - author of Star Trek: The Legend Continues. In the past, there have been story crossovers between two and three sites. I propose that we break the individual site circles and all come together for the first time in a story arc of what could be the best collaboration in internet fiction writing history. We leave our egos at the door, for now, and when it is over, there wont be enough room in the Typhon Expanse to hold all of them.
One site will set the stage. The story line will then break to our individual sites and then come together - in a sense - for one final glorious battle which will be seen through the eyes of our own individual crews. Then, I am asking you to take part in a final battle. In the final battle story, there will be an Order of Battle (a timeline) which all authors will follow to keep the continuity together. In essence the readers can experience the same battle over and over but from the bridges of our individual ships. After all is written, I intend to splice the whole of the final stories together to create a solid novel which we can place on an individual site for all to enjoy.
At the end of each individual story, we will place links to the other sites sharing the story arc so that our readers will be able to find other ST Fiction sites which they may not be aware of and to show the scope of our influence and talent. This will also, in a small way, bring Gene Roddenberry's dream to a new height - the fans taking their individual visions and bringing them together into his universe.
For reasons of inclusion, I have chosen Jon Wasik's STAR TREK: DRAGON to spearhead the story arc, as you will see in the story synopsis this is the 'logical' choice. We will all share in the credit equally, arc credits should be listed alphabetically - preferably by author, or if you prefer by ship name or registry number.
The following is a brief plot of the opening story.

The story begins in the Kalium Galaxy (ST DRAGON). Captain Chris Harriman and crew encounter a race oppressed by an extremely powerful and vindictive alien species. The Dragon is asked for assistance by the oppressed race in gaining their freedom and the crew of the Dragon readily agrees.
The oppressive race has very strict ideals and any misdeed against them will be met with extreme retaliation. Their starships are among the most advanced and weaponry is devastating.
The Dragon liberates the world, only after a fierce battle with one of the alien's overseer ships - which leaves the Dragon greatly wounded. Needing to leave the area in order to effect repairs, the Dragon inadvertently enters the alien's home system. There, they find a massive armada in orbit around the homeworld. Expecting to be attacked, the Dragon begins to withdraw. Instead of attacking, however, a vortex of spatial and temporal design opens near the planet and the alien fleet enters it. Before the vortex closes, the Dragon's science officer scans and penetrates to the other side. When asked where it leads, he simply states "Home". In retribution, the aliens are determined to destroy or enslave the Federation for the defiance which the Dragon had shown to them.

The following stories will be of your own design. Bearing in mind that the vortex is also temporal in nature, sites which use earlier and future timeframes may also be involved. They will not be included in the final battle sequence as it will take place during the post DS9/Dominion War timeframe (approximately 2375). Earlier sites will be considered a First Contact and reconnaissance even though the aliens are part of the original strike force. Future sites can treat their incursions as last ditch suicide attacks or 'forced reconciliation' such as in TNG's The Emissary.

Basic Guidelines for your individual stories:
1) There will be no more than three of the invading ships in your story due to their powerful nature and they should not be easily defeated. Ingenuity and perseverance should win out over brute force. They are also "lost ships" which have exited the vortex in places of the Alpha/Beta Quadrants other than where they were supposed to emerge.
2) Earth/Sol System cannot be used in your storyline. It will be the focus battle in the second story that all ships will be involved in. All other planets and systems will be fair game, but will only be used by one site - there cannot be two stories in the same vicinity so as to not destroy continuity.
3) Since continuity is a must, only original crews/ships will be used during individual stories. The Enterprise will be mentioned in the final Order of Battle as coordinating ship, but will not have a part in our stories except for transmissions. We also cannot double up on the locations of the actual Star Trek ships and crews in our stories for continuity purposes - it is better to leave them out of the mix until the end. DS9 may be used once (first author to request use will have squatter's rights to the station-remember Sisko is in limbo also).
4) There will be standardized names for classes of the alien ships, weapons, shields etc, which will be given at a later date once all is in motion.
5) Be creative, use a variety of themes i.e. special forces, away missions, methods of attack, etc. And most of all have fun with the story.
6) Other races and empires can be included in your stories i.e. Klingons, Romulans, etc., but your Federation starship should be the one to 'rescue' them.
7) At the end of your story, a distress call will be heard about an invasion of the Sol System by the main attack force.
8) This is considered a Supplemental Mission and does not have an exact Stardate, so you do not have to worry about placing it in any particular location in your Mission Logs. Only keep in mind that it will be around Voyagers last 2-3 years - adjust your crew accordingly. There will be no reference to current or past shows in your stories so as to not cause a temporal anomaly and you know how Temporal Affairs likes to be - my God, the paperwork!

Speaking of timelines, this is how I would like to go about this:
Submission ideas and coordinating efforts under weigh by mid May.
I would like to have all stories finished and ready to go by the end of July so we can place them on our sites at once. The final battle, I would like to have ready to go by the end of September.

So, if you are interested in joining in this historical affair, this is what I need from you:
Numbers in with asteriks are required at this time

1)* Your site name/URL/most used email address
2)* Author(s) names
3)* Ship name/registry
4)* Era
5) A working title when you have one
6) A story synopsis and location - locations will be taken as first come first serve basis, if
I receive a second storyline with a planet that has already been chosen, I will kick it
back to you for a second choice.

So far, three sites are included in this venture: ST: ADVENTURE, ST: THE LEGEND CONTINUES, and ST: DRAGON.

Here is a list of those I am asking to join at this time. If you know of any other original sites that are not included, please forward this to them and have them contact me if they are interested.

uss apache
uss argus
uss liberty
uss liberator
uss avenger
uss cantabrian
uss excalibur
uss fiontar
uss monet
uss phantom
uss prometheus
uss rutledge
uss alliance
uss discovery
final frontier
uss swiftfire
uss texas
origin station
uss dragon
uss endeavor
uss adventure

Thank you for your time and please consider this proposal.
For Gene,

Joseph Gatch

PS The working title for the crossover is STAR TREK: UNITY

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