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Here are the bios for the authors dated back when this was down.  For some reason I'm absent, I probably didn't send in a bio for this page, which is why I'm not on here.  You can see my (updated) bio here if you want.  Sad to say that a number of these sites are gone but I've linked up the ones that are still accessible (August 2010).


Name: Joseph Gatch
Age: 31
Profession: Chief of Security for a High School/Portrait-Landscape Artist
Sites Published: U.S.S. Adventure - http://jlgatch.tripod.com/ussadventure/
(no longer online)

I'm a resident of Downers Grove, Illinois. A Star Trek fan since age 7 and an avid viewer, reader, and now writer of Star Trek. Submitted stories to the Strange New Worlds contest, has one ongoing series (Adventure) one in the making (ST: Triton) and one that I've been thinking of resurrecting (ST: Excelsior) if I can find the original manuscript. I am also a portrait/landscape artist in my spare time and hope that Project: Unity lives up to Roddenberry's dream.

Name: Mark Sickle Jr.
Age: 22
Profession: Writer, Freelance Photographer
Site published: Star Trek: The Legend Continues - www.fortunecity.com/tatooine/spielberg/215
(no longer online)
Location: Maryland, United States

I live in Frederick, Maryland, and have always been an avid fan of Star Trek. My favorites are DS9 and TNG (not too fond of Voyager, but, it IS Trek). I have written Treks stories for at least 11 years, but have only recently begun publishing them on the web. I know have 5 Trek story series running on my site: The Legend Continues, Starfleet Academy, Life Lines, Secret Domains, and Beyond the Edge. Different crews, different ships, one galaxy. I am good at the whole "Treknobabble" thing, and enjoy developing characters. This project really excites me. I want to honor Gene Roddenberry, and all that he has done with Trek that has touched us all so much. Live long and Prosper, Gene!

Name: Jon Wasik
Age: 17
Location: United States
Sites Published: Star Trek Dragon, Star Dragon CGI
Career: Prospective writer, full time High School

That little something about one's self:
Well, what can I say? For the past 6 years, I've
loved to write science fiction. Whether it be
original or Star Wars or Star Trek, I've kept on
writing. For the past 2 1/2 years or so, I've been
writing STDragon. It's had its ups and downs
(recently a down) but I've kept it going...and from
what a few of the 'known' writers tell me, it's a site
that people speak highly of...or at least, on
occassion. As such, I'm hoping I can add to this
project...and not hurt it with my still-developing
writing skills. :o)

Name - Walter S. George
Age: 44
Location: Augusta, GA
Occupation: Satellite Ground Station Repair, US Army
Site Title/URL - The Excalibur Epics http://ussexcalibur.com
(no longer online)
Co-writers:D.M. Chilton, Bailieboro, Ontario
Bonnie Holmyard, Ottawa Ontario

Names: Jesse Catalano, Nathan Faver, Edward H. Bart IV
Ages: 24-25
Professions: ranging from computer sales to website designers to image manipulation/restoration
Sites Published: www.alteregoinc.com, home of Star Trek: The Courageous and assorted other genre stories.

More information can be found at www.alteregoinc.com/BIOS/biopage.htm

Name: Scott Andrew Fack
Age: 27
Profession: Director of Operations, Aesthetics Group; Freelance Educational
Sites Published: USS Cantabrian Database - http://www.usscantabrian.com/
Aesthetics Group Homepage - http://www.nasa.co.nz/
Janssen Cosmeceutical Care Homepage - http://www.janssen-beauty.co.nz/
Gotta Love Marcus Homepage - http://www.geocities.com/gottalovemarcus/
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand (Otautahi, Aotearoa for those Maori

Born and raised near Chicago, Illinois, I currently reside in Christchurch, New Zealand with my partner of five and a half years, Noel. We own two cats and three dogs, live in a modest house, and own and operate the Aesthetics
Group (comprised of the National School of Aesthetics and Aesthetics Importing). I also am currently at Massey University studying to complete my Bachelor of the Arts Degree in English Honours (finally) and am looking
at extending my education to my Masters Degree in English. I've been writing Star Trek fan fiction for what seems like forever and choose to concentrate my time on one series at a time (yeah, pretty boring!). I look forward to completing this endeavour with everyone involved!

Name: Cleve Johnson
Age: 37
Profession: Senior Reconciliation Specialist for one of the five largest national banks in the U.S.
Sites Published: U.S.S. PROVIDENCE- http://www.lighttrek.com/missions.html
I'm a resident of Greenfield, Indiana (a few miles east of Indianapolis). A Star Trek fan since I can remember. My favorite incarnation of Gene Roddenbury's vision is Next Generation. I am a part-time college student, in the process of finishing my BA in Religious Studies at Martin University in Indianapolis. I will graduate and start workd on my master's degree (in the area of Academic Biblical Studies) in January 2002. I love to read and write. I have never submitted a story for publication, but if time permits, I have an idea that I want to put on paper to submit to the Strange New Worlds contest. I'm not too old to play Legos and Nintendo with my two sons

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