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The Vendoth Race essentially has an ideal society, in their eyes at least. Merging intelligence and a warrior's spirit, the Vendoth have proven themselves to be a driving force in their sector of the Kalium Galaxy.
Brutish in appearance, many have been deceived into thinking that the Vendoth can be overcome by 'superior tactics'. In reality, the majority of the Vendoth thrive on study and knowledge. The Vendoth live by strict codes of conduct, which they claim makes their society function as one. Severe retribution is justified for any infraction of their codes. They feel that lesser races would benefit from their example and will enslave an entire race in order to 'educate' them in the proper ways of social organization. Any disrespect shown to a Vendoth, either individually or as a group, can enact this sense of 'justice'. Because of this, surrounding systems have learned to avoid the Vendoth at all cost.

Superior weaponry, defenses, and technology back up the Vendoth's strive for utopia. Their language is cryptic in the least, demonstrating their superior intellect. Their computer systems are just as cryptic as the Vendoth, and are designed to be reverse incompatible. The Vendoth can access other races' data storage, however one may not enter a Vendoth system unless they are using a Vendoth terminal. 'Hacking' into a Vendoth system, remotely, is near impossible.

The Vendoth military is led by one - called the Roj Che'dak. This rank, equivalant to Chief of Starfleet Operations, leads the entire military and is prevalant in any conflict by his ship, The Mer'jot Ducmre - or 'Law Bringer'. A massive war/command cruiser which is approximately half the mass of a Borg Cube.
There are three classes of Vendoth ships:
1) Scout - roughly the size of an Intrepid Class Starship - with the speed equivalent of warp 9.8
2) Battlecruiser - slightly larger than a Romulan Warbird - with a speed of warp 8.7
3) Dreadnought - smaller than the command ship, but almost as heavily armed and shielded. Slower and less maneuverable than the other classes, it can move at warp 8.

Each ship class is equipped with personnel carriers for invasion purposes.

Vendoth Ranks and titles (Thanks to Walter S George)
Ven - Warrior
Doth - Scientist
Vendoth - Warrior Scientist
Miltary Science:
VenQa' - Commander
VenQe' - Executive
VenQi' - Communications
VenQo' - Engineering
VenQu' - Security
Theoretical Science:
Qa'doth - Medicine/Psychology/Biology
Qe'doth - Physics/Chemistry
Qi'doth - Astronomy/Mathematics
Qo'doth - Information/Technology
Qu'doth - Geology

DESCRIPTIONS Short by Alpha Quadrant standards, they stand at five and a half feet tall and have bulky masses - twice that of a human. Muscular in stature, their dexterity comes as a surprise to those who first encounter them.
Leathery greenish brown skin covers their bodies. The Vendoth have a flattened nose with slit nostrils in the front. Deep set eyes are under a thick brow line which curves around to the sides of their faces. A small ridge line begins in the center of their foreheads near the crest and extends to the base of their necks and along their spines. Flanking their heads, several small thorns/spikes protrude and will stand out when a Vendoth becomes agitated or angered. A huge square jaw houses flat molar like teeth and two sharp incisors on the front bottom jaw.
Their thick hide makes damaging these people very hard - phasers set on lower levels have little or no effect on them - forcing a faster drain on energy weapons in order to wound or kill a Vendoth. Blood is an orange hue. Hands and feet have four fingers/toes. The Vendoth are not susceptable to telepathic attacks due to their highly organized brain patterns.
Again, these are a fierce and cunning people who shouldnt be taken lightly. Their arrogance stems from their experience and knowledge; and they truly believe that they are superior to all other life forms. They will honor and accept other's right to exist, however if they are wronged by a race, they will show extreme retribution.

Ships -
Shields - Vendoth ships employ a solidified energy shield - an unknown technology in the Milky Way Galaxy. This matter/energy system converts energy expended against the shielding and turns it back to matter and then disperses this matter as a shell or 'bandage' across the affected area while the shield recharges/regenerates. Almost on the same level as a transporter or replicator, this process can be initiated from inside the ship as well in order to protect weak areas of the shielding.

Weapons - Vendoth weapons work on the same principal as their shields. The energy burst reacts with a ship's shields, solidifying the area hit. Continuous bombardment eventually cracks the shell it creates. Also, as a result, if the affected ship fires weapons through the shell, they will destroy it, exposing their weakened or non-shielded area. Against unshielded objects, Vendoth weapons are along the lines of standard destructive power of Alpha Quadrant weapons. Deployment is in the form of a ball of energy, much like the plasma based weapons of the Alpha Quadrant.
Hand Weapons - Rifle sized assault weapons fire balls of energy, much like their ships counterparts. They have the same solidifying effect, but on a much smaller scale. They are effective against internal forcefields. There is a much greater damage area on victims than phasers will cause, due to the ball effect which 'splatters' against the target instead of a focused beams result.

Transporters - More efficient than Federation transporters, they have a quicker transport time and more accurate targeting scanners. They still need a window through shielding in order to use against a ship or starbase, however.

Sensors - Highly developed and can detect cloaked ships with ease.






Image credit: The above ship images were put together by Mark Sickle.  The designs of the Vendoth starships are based on images from the Star Wars sourcebook, Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp Freighters.

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