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This project started one weekend at the end of April 2001. I, and Mark Sickle, had just started to correspond about our sites, and were kicking around the possibility of a crossover. That night, I thought 'why stop at two sites?' 'what if we attempted a crossover that included as many independent Star Trek original fiction sites as possible? and what would that crossover consist of?'. Also, wouldn't this be a great way to celebrate Star Trek's 35th Anniversary? Well, in a flurry of ideas that crossed my mind, I came up with a very simple plot and idea that could include all timeframes of the Star Trek Universe. The idea hinged upon Jon Wasik's participation, in which his ship, the USS DRAGON - thrown into the Kalium Galaxy - inadvertantly displeases an alien race which was enslaving other races. This race, later to be named the Vendoth, is a highly technologically advanced people - and highly vindictive. They learn of the Federation and decide to travel to our galaxy to 'show us the consequences of our interference'. The Vendoth travel through a vortex of their own design and as some of their ships debark from their journey at various times and locations in our galaxy, they meet up with our individual site ships. Thus, the stories you will be reading in July. To make this a truly memorable experience, later in or around September, a final battle will be played out among our sites set in the post DS9/mid-series Voyager Era. This battle will be essentially the same story, but as seen through the eyes of our crews and what their part of the battle will consist of. Individually, they will be posted on our own sites and at a later date, will be merged into one giant novella to be posted on this site.
The title "UNITY" refers to many things. First and foremost is the coming together of the many authors in this project who, up until now, have worked alone or with one other site. I believed that even though our storylines stray in our own ways, we are still part of the Starfleet that is represented in the Star Trek Universe. Secondly, it refers to the dream that Gene Roddenberry held so dearly - the coming together of all races, creeds, and beliefs into one universe where all can live and work together and what lengths we will go to in order to preserve that peaceful coexistence.
Keep in mind, these sites are original fiction sites - with our own crews and ships not seen in the Star Trek Universe or have played a peripheral role in an episode or two. Some characters are from the series, transplanted to our ships for our own personal reasons. At the end of the final battle, there will be an arrival that will be sure to make everyone proud to be part of the Star Trek Universe. Until then, enjoy the stories, and thank you for taking part in STAR TREK: UNITY.


At this time, I would like to thank the following for their participation in the Unity Series: Mark Sickle Jr., Jon Wasik, S.C. Mollmann, Scott Fack, Justin Schalk, Jay L.R., Walter S. George, D.M. Chilton, Bonnie Holmyard, Edgar Torres, Jesse Catalano, Nathan Faver, Edward H. Bart IV, Cleve Johnson, and Mike Gray. I would also like to thank those who considered being part of the project, but couldn't due to other obligations. And of course, you the fans of Star Trek.
This is for Gene.

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